HOAs & Property Management

Hicks Safes & Locks Inc. has always been the trusted, first-choice locksmith for HOAs and property management companies in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area since 1967! For more than 47 years, our family-owned business has served more than 100 HOAs!

We are committed to working with the HOA Board of Directors and their property management companies to ensure that all their common area facilities are secure. We go beyond the sales, installation, and service of your locks, kant slams, pool gates, etc. by offering the following services:

1) HR2 Restricted Keyway Access.

a) You control the number of keys to your property!
b) Homeowners cannot get these keys duplicated! Neighbors can't make unauthorized copies of the pool key for another neighbor (who maybe lost the
use of the pool due to unpaid HOA fees, etc.) or make extras for their family members or friends!
c) Vendors cannot get these keys duplicated! If they lose the key to your facility, they have to come to you to get it replaced.
d) When you order keys, they are ready to be shipped out or picked up the same day! We can send them to the management company office or
directly to the homeowner/vendor.
e) You'd be surprised at how many non-residents, past vendor employees, etc. end up with extra keys to your facility. It has happened and will
continue to happen unless your property is put onto a restricted keyway!
f) Just because a key says "do not duplicate" it doesn't mean that it's a restricted key! If you put that key into the key duplicating machines at the big
box stores, it will make a copy of it. Some local hardware store may not be able to copy it (because they're unable to identify the keyway) and
locksmiths should ask for identification before copying it.

2) Key Stamping / Identifying

We offer to stamp your keys with an identifying letter or number. This enables you to track how many keys a homeowner/vendor has. If they report
a lost/stolen key, you record the key number. If that keys shows up, you'll know that it was reported lost/stolen. We can make suggestions for you on
this. All key stamping is done AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!

3) Key Records.

We keep detailed records of all keys made for your property. At any time you can call us and we'll let you know how many keys WE have made for
you. If the property is NOT on a restricted key, we can not guaranty the number of keys that have been made by others.

4) Site Surveys / Quotes

We will perform site surveys and quotes at NO CHARGE! Our highly trained technicians will assess the security at your property and test the locks,
closers, kant slams, etc and make recommendations to you. If your gates are not self closing, slamming shut and/or leaking fluid, it becomes a
security risk to the HOA. If someone is injured by this, you can be sued. The County can shut down your community pool as well.

5) Board Meetings

If your property is having an issue with their locks/keys/closers, etc. we will come to your Board Meeting and address the issue with the Board and
any homeowners present. We will answer their questions and explore other options to resolve their issues. This service is offered to you AT NO

6) Repairs / Rekeying

We can repair/replace your pool/door locks, latches, kant slams, door closers, etc. We can do small welding repairs as well. Call Hicks Safes & Locks, Inc. at the first sign of a problem.

We'll help you keep your facilities safe and secure.
Contact us in Phoenix, Arizona, to find out more about how our locksmith company serves HOAs and property management companies.